How to decorate the apartment by New year

How to decorate the apartment by New year

New Year - favourite long-awaited holiday. Without limiting itself in imagination, simply to create the fantastic world. By means of New Year's accessories it is possible to turn usual interior of the room into magic.

  • - fir-tree;
  • - Christmas decorations;
  • - tinsel;
  • - daisies;
  • - candles;
  • - festive treat;
  • - cotton wool;
  • - confetti;
  • - spangles;
  • - artificial rain.

1. The main decoration of the room – elegant fir-tree. Be it the fragrant forest beauty or her artificial sister – with it the fairy tale comes to the house. In craze it is possible to decorate fir-tree with stars, bows or spheres of one size and color: silvery, golden or blue. Such fir-tree does not need other jewelry. Do not neglect old Christmas decorations. Adults and children with great interest consider brilliant figures of animals, exotic fishes and glass lodges on branches. Make imitation of snowdrift in the fir-tree basis. Drape it with cotton wool or white fabric with the sewed spangles. And surely about this snowdrift put Father Frost with gifts! It is possible to light with scattering of color sparks in daisy not only fir-tree. Stretch daisy along window or fix on wall – everything has to sparkle and be poured.

2. If you have not enough place for the whole tree, it is possible to be limited to fir-tree branches. Decorate them with silvery rain, tinsel and easy Christmas decorations, and candles will add this composition. Deliver to branch on foreground, and the unused daisy can be poured by multi-colored sparks in big crystal or glass vessel. Create the magic world in the apartment. Use multi-colored brilliant tinsel for ornament, having hanged out it along walls. Make of thin paper of snowflake and slightly fix them on plain glasses. It is possible to draw with stained glass white paint on glass of snowman, fir-tree, frosty patterns.

3. Change usual type of things. For example, envelop flowerpots bright brown paper, and the brilliant rain let will close part of big mirror. Envelop thin foil fir cones and walnuts. Put them in small basket together with branches and bows. Attach New Year's wreath on outer door. It can be made of fir-tree branches, having decorated to the taste.

4. Holiday table arrange about fir-tree. Its laying has to look unusually. Cover it with new bright cloth and put elegant ware. Decorate table with shine of the lit candles. The atmosphere of magic of the forthcoming night will be emphasized even by 2 candles symbolizing the leaving and coming year. In this case, decorative candlesticks can be from fir-tree paws with clusters of rowan and silvery cones.

5. Put tasty and varied food. Except traditional dishes: jelly, salads, jellied language, etc., prepare new treats. Surprise guests with unusual registration. Funny also the edible symbol of the coming year looks. Place dishes so that it was convenient to each of attendees to try them. Take care of quality drinks for all guests. And sweets and tangerines will turn even modest table into festive.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team