How to decorate the apartment by the child's birth

How to decorate the apartment by the child's birth

The birth of the child is one of the most joyful and disturbing moments in life of each family for which it is necessary to be prepared carefully. For this purpose it is necessary including to decorate the apartment, to organize photo and video filming, to meet the kid and the wife from maternity hospital so that this moment remained in memory forever.


1. First of all it is necessary to carry out clear-out in the apartment, using at the same time only safe cleaning agents that at the kid the allergy has not begun. Wash all places, inaccessible for eyes. It is desirable to give animals who can cause allergy attacks in the child too for a while to relatives.

2. If you have not bought bed for the baby yet, you should make it immediately as it also is considered the first decoration of the room for the kid. Wash, carefully iron and lay beautiful children's linen, decorate with canopy and toys which need to be washed previously with soap. Boil rattles.

3. Before arriving from maternity hospital to heroes of the occasion, newly appeared dad needs to decorate the apartment properly. It is possible to connect relatives and friends to this interesting business. Fill multi-colored spheres with helium, tie to them golden ribbons and lower to ceiling. Collect compositions from spheres in the form of heart and attach in wall. If you have no time to be engaged in such fascinating occupation, it is possible to address to the special organization. They will help to decorate the apartment with various forms and compositions from spheres. Your spouse will not remain indifferent to such beauty.

4. Draw together with friends welcome posters in which it will be said about as far as you are happy and as you long waited for this event. Hang out posters, since the street or from the maternity hospital.

5. Surely get the smart bouquet of flowers made of various plant species. But not to be necessary to store it in the room intended for the child as on flower pollen the babies often have allergy.

6. It is necessary to think of that in time the porch already had festive train decorated with spheres and tapes in advance. The employed driver or the friend, but not dad has to be driving. He has to be near the spouse and the kid. Release spheres into the sky.

7. It is desirable to postpone celebration of the birth of the child until quieter times. In the first day it is worth being limited to short tea drinking. As the first day of the kid of the house – very disturbing moment which it is necessary to treat more responsibly. Especially as the spouse is for certain tired and wants to stay alone with family. Do not forget to give to the wife present, in gratitude for small the baby which comfortably snuffles in the bed.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team