How to decorate the house by birthday of the child

How to decorate the house by birthday of the child

The holiday for which the child with great anticipation waits during the whole year is his birthday. Task of parents to fill this day with joy, surprises and fun. The big role in the organization and preparation of holiday is played by decoration of the house.

It is required to you

  • - toys
  • - balloons
  • - big Whatman paper and felt-tip pens


1. Interestingly to decorate the house by birthday of the child show maximum of imagination and creativity. Place on all apartment of toy of your child, it is possible to attach some sweet or souvenir to each of them.

2. Make with own hand the poster congratulation and hang up it in the room of the child. On the poster it is possible to place photos from the previous name-day of the child and to leave free space for wishes which guests will want to write.

3. Decorate walls daisy congratulation "happy birthday".

4. Surely prepare set of balloons to decorate the house by birthday of the child and to lighten the mood of the birthday boy and his guests. Choose the balls suitable under the chosen holiday subject for creation of the special atmosphere. Inflate part and scatter on floor, and fill part with helium and distribute on all house. Leave small amount of spheres to hang under ceiling, and on ribbons attach notes with ridiculous rhymes. These balls can be presented to guests when the holiday comes to the end.

5. Pick up music for holiday to create the corresponding atmosphere and children had opportunity to dance.

6. If you are going to hold thematic party, for example, to look for piracy treasure or to travel around the fantastic country, make the corresponding scenery which will help children to be fond of game.

7. Near each device on table put souvenir which the guest will be able to carry away with himself in memory of cheerful holiday.

8. Prepare big Whatman paper and felt-tip pens for collective collage congratulation, guests can paint it waiting for all invited.

9. Build or buy piñata - figure from papier-mache with cavity inside which is filled with confetti and different candies. Suspend it under ceiling, and during holiday hold competition in dissecting of piñata blindfold. The winner will be showered with candies. If guests and the birthday boy are all evening in high spirits, consider that you have coped with objective!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team