How to decorate the room for romantic evening

How to decorate the room for romantic evening

The romantic dinner by candlelight is capable to change a lot of things in the relations – it can be the first date, reconciliation attempt, desire to make pleasant to the partner or just opportunity to stay alone. Prepare everything so that the atmosphere was cozy, intimate and promising.


1. Place candles. You can choose symbolical candles – red, in beautiful candlesticks, with romantic decorative elements, etc. But also simple thick candles of white color and the different size will look effectively if to place them on the apartment or to limit to them transition to sleeping zone. If you want to light aromatic candles, then make sure that darling has no allergy, otherwise evening will be spoiled (instead of candles it is possible to use the aromalamp).

2. Make small flower composition. Flowers should not be too much – enough composition in the center of table, lobes on bed or in the bathroom. Flowers have to be passionate and elegant: red roses, several branches of hibiscus, lily and so forth. Jewelry from dry flowers can be interesting too and romantic – they can be put to the bathroom.

3. Pay attention to registration of table. It is not obligatory to dim table cloth, the tableware on small decorative napkins placed on the dark polished tree very effectively looks. Prepare two or three wide satin ribbons, throw them through table cross-wise, fix on each side.

4. Correctly distribute luminous source. It is not necessary to be limited to some candles, turn on the small opaque lamp and arrange it at some distance from table. It is not necessary to use lamps of day lighting, your purpose is to create the weakening and provocative atmosphere.

5. Place accessories. For certain each couple has general objects reminding of joint adventures, rest or special dates – on foreground put the joint photo in beautiful registration, place figurines, pictures and figures.

6. Replace textiles. Get several small cushions in romantic style, on floor throw warm carpet with high and dense pile or the rug imitating skin of animal. Throw covers from nice on the touch fabric over chairs and sofa. Drape two chairs – strong soft fabric fit backs, close seats and tie big bows on backs of chairs.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team