How to decorate the room - several easy ways

How to decorate the room - several easy ways

That your house was cozy and comfortable, it is necessary to approach question of registration of interior of rooms competently. Of course, having asked for the help designers, it is possible to turn the apartment into true piece of art. But whether it is possible to decorate independently the room, without resorting at the same time to considerable financial expenses?


If you want to update interior in the room, then replace old curtains. Today shops offer the huge choice of textile products for every taste and purse. When choosing curtains it is necessary to be guided by color of walls – they have to be one color gamma, but is slightly brighter than tone of wall covering. If desired new curtains can be decorated with decorative florets and butterflies.


Perhaps, one of the easiest and economic ways to change interior of the room is to use throw pillows. They can be combined with the main color gamma of the room or, on the contrary, enter with it contrast. If you want to dilute interior with joyful and unusual note, then it is worth stopping the choice on pillows with bright coloring and various form. If you prefer strict and laconic style in interior, then it is necessary to choose the traditional square or round pillows executed in the sustained color gamma. Cushions with the stuffed drawing will look very originally – this reception will allow to recover room interior.

Window plants

The phytodesign of interior is special direction in decor in which various combinations from plants and flowers are used. The main objective of phytodesign is decoration of the room and improvement of indoor air. Houseplants recover interior and create the special atmosphere of heat, cosiness and pacification in the room.

It is necessary to choose window plants for the house, proceeding from own tastes and preferences. In order that the plant well felt indoors, in it there have to be conditions (sufficient level of light and humidity) suitable for it.

Very originally and unusually in interior of the room ekibana – the flower compositions made of the dried plants look. It is possible to buy already ready bouquet or to try the hand in this art form, having made own composition, say, of wild flowers in combination with branches of bamboo or other type of "greens".


Modern designers recommend to use as much as possible light in room decor. Replace old chandelier, establish several beautiful sconces and your room will play new paints. The pointed lighting established on all perimeter of ceiling will look very effectively. The chandelier not necessarily has to correspond to the general style of the room. For example, the interior issued in the spirit of minimalism can be diluted with classical chandelier or chandelier in east style.

Pictures, photo, panel, mirrors and wall clock

The panel, pictures and photos is great idea for decoration of the room. Place on shelves several frames with photos in which the best moments in your life are imprinted and then the positive energy proceeding from them will fill your house.

Pictures and panel should be hung up approximately at the level of eyes (not too low, but also it is not high). It is possible to change interior of the room and by means of smooth surface, especially, if in it pictures, photowall-paper and fresh flowers are reflected. On floor it is possible to put floor vases, floor lamps or compositions from natural stone and tree.

In creation of beautiful and cozy interior of the room the main thing is sense of proportion. So, the quantity of jewelry has to depend on the room size directly. If in the room there are too many various decorative elements, then it will look close, careless and uncomfortable. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team