How to decorate the room with daisy

How to decorate the room with daisy

Of course, the main decoration of the house for New year is the fluffy fir-tree, but it is so pleasant to see around elegant accessories which are used only once in year. Get from mezzanine of box of the sparkling daisies and start transformation of the room into fantastic lodge.

It is required to you

  • - electric daisies;
  • - fir-tree branches live and artificial;
  • - wire;
  • - Christmas decorations;
  • - cones.


1. By the size of your window (or windows) buy electric daisy grid. It is possible to choose product with the LEDs painted in one color or to get the daisy which is poured multi-colored fires. On perimeter of window thrust enough power buttons on which hang up daisy, evenly stretching it. The cord with box of switching of the modes and fork has to be below that there was opportunity to thrust it in the socket or in the extender.

2. Decorate door openings, arches, eaves and niches of the room with the fluffy daisies weaved out of fir-tree branches and Christmas decorations. This part of decor can be made and of the real branches or artificial tinsel, interweaving into them brilliant toys, cones and snowflakes red and silvery ribbons. Collect cones under fir-trees in the park. If you need opened, take them over steam, let's dry out and paint tips of cones with paint of gold or silver flowers. Bind this natural jewelry on threads or wire, and interweave into the general daisy. It is possible to take as basis of such ornament also long electric daisy.

3. The main attribute of New year - fir-tree - too needs to be decorated with various daisies. Versions of orders for fir-tree or pine great variety. Hang up on it only spheres, tinsel or rain. And it is possible and to mix the Christmas decorations bought by you and which have got to you from the grandmother and parents. It is better to hang up electric daisy on tree very first that when you include it, only flickering sparks, but not wires were visible. Depending on length of product choose and way of ornament ate - only trunk, all fir-tree on spirals or practically each large branch.

4. Decorate with daisy from balls chandelier and wall lamp, frame of mirror and picture. Just put electric daisy in the middle of table that it the blinking created the festive and magic atmosphere. For the main holiday in year any excesses in decoration of rooms are pardonable, it is necessary to remember rules of fire safety only.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team