How to decorate tulle

How to decorate tulle

Windows are "eyes" of the house. It is very important correct to issue them, for this purpose use curtains and tulle. Some people refuse traditional "grandmother's" curtains, giving preferences to newer ideas of registration of window openings. If you do not want to make heavier interior curtains, use tulle which it is also possible to issue originally and beautifully.


1. You can decorate tulle with normal satin ribbon. Choose it or in tone of veil, or contrast color. Cut off small piece of tape and pass, having collected curtain by accordion. More elegantly monophonic tapes look, and it is more elegant – contrast. It is better to select them one color with wall-paper or furniture.

2. Also you can decorate tulle by means of embroidery. If you are able to embroider, then can make pattern which is the most suitable for your interior. For example, if the room is issued in east style, then the Japanese hieroglyphs will look very originally.

3. Issue tulle which is intended for kitchen thematic embroidery, for example, represent fruit, vegetables. Also the embroidered lemons, oranges, apples, sunflowers or grapes will perfectly look.

4. Also you can apply applique. Now in shops various stripes which are easy for sewing to veil are on sale. For example, little butterflies who fasten for trunk and wings remain free. At any whiff of breeze or the movement of curtain you will be able to observe how their wings tremble as if insects come to life. Sew dragonflies and butterflies or it is symmetric, or only in one corner.

5. You can decorate veil with fringe. Sew it on top or on bottom edge. Try to pick up it in tone of curtain.

6. Experiment also over children's curtain. Decorate tulle by means of embroidery or applique. Give preference to such images as heroes of favourite fairy tales, animals, engine, gnomes, dolls, etc.

7. On children's curtain sew small pockets, it is better to arrange them on bottom edge. In them it is possible to hide small surprises for the kid, for example, of candy, pictures, etc.

8. Issue tulle small bouquets of artificial flowers, bows, rhinestones, small silk brushes, pompons, cords, lambrequins. The main thing is to apply imagination and to work a little.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team