How to define air humidity in the apartment

How to define air humidity in the apartment

Maintenance of necessary level of humidity is one of the most important conditions of creation of comfortable microclimate in the house. Too dry air irritates mucous membranes, and over time can become the cause of serious diseases of respiratory organs, cause allergies. Very high humidity negatively influences objects of house situation, promotes emergence of mold which is also extremely hazardous to health. There is number of the receptions allowing to define humidity indoors.

It is required to you

  • - candle;
  • - pile;
  • - water;
  • - fridge;
  • - hygrometer or psychrometer.


1. First of all, listen to the feelings. If you feel excessive dryness in nose and irritation in throat, being in the room often thirst, perhaps, air is overdried here. Observe how the linen which is hung up in the room dries. If it becomes dry within 1-1.5 hours, humidity level low. Very good "detectors" of humidity in the house are houseplants. At lack of moisture their soil quickly dries up, bursts, and leaves turn yellow on the ends and take lifeless form.

2. Fluctuations of humidity indoors can be defined by naked flame. For this purpose light candle and observe spark. Vertically burning flame, demonstrates that in the room damp. Fire which constantly deviates in different directions and has pinkish aura, speaks about excessive dryness of air.

3. In a different way moisture determinations reaction of the vessel filled with liquid to sharp temperature drop indoors is. Fill pile with cold water. Place it at several o'clock in the fridge. Then put to the room, choosing the place the most remote from central heaters and other sources of heat. If walls of vessel have instantly misted over, and have in a few minutes dried, indoor air too dry. The surface has flown down which and remained wet within 5 minutes, confirms the normal level of humidity. If on glass strong condensate in the form of liquid streamlets, in the room crude air was formed.

4. All listed techniques give only approximate idea of humidity level in the house. For receiving more exact indicators use special devices measuring instruments. These devices, hygrometers and psychrometers, are based on sensitivity to fluctuations of level of humidity indoors and allow to receive rather exact result.

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