How to define air humidity indoors

How to define air humidity indoors

In order that in your apartment or the house the healthy microclimate remained, it is necessary to watch not only air temperature indoors, but also its humidity. Dry air can reduce immunity of the person and make it vulnerable for various catarrhal diseases. Therefore moisture determination of air of the room is rather important task.

It is required to you

  • - psychrometer;
  • - hygrometer;
  • - thermometer;
  • - gauze;
  • - psychometric table;
  • - candle;
  • - matches;
  • - birch or pine chip.


1. Perhaps, the easiest and reliable way of moisture determination of air consists in use of special measuring tools - the psychrometer or hygrometer. By operation principle the hygrometers are separated into several types - film, hair, weight and others. The device can be used both in inhabited, and in warehouse and also in greenhouse, pastoral and poultry-farming facilities.

2. The psychrometer allows to measure both humidity, and air temperature indoors. The device of the simplest room device includes 2 alcohol thermometers and the table for reading indications. It is possible to acquire any of devices in specialized shops.

3. If for one reason or another you cannot use devices, but you have psychometric table, then for moisture determination of air it is possible to use the room mercury thermometer. Take air temperature indoors and write down indications. Take gauze and wet it in water. Densely envelop head of the thermometer and leave for 10 minutes. Take readings. Subtract the second from the first. The difference of indications of the thermometer will allow to determine relative air humidity by the special table.

4. For moisture determination it is possible to use easy national ways also. For example, what indoor air too dry, you will be able just to understand watching houseplants. If tips of your leaves of "green pets" at first become brown, and then dry up or leaves are twisted and wrinkled, it obviously testifies to lack of moisture of air. Subsidence of buds and defeat of plants by such wreckers as tripsa, web pincers and the whitefly belongs to other signs.

5. Take pine or birch chip. Put it on floor and leave for week. Try to break chip. If at the same time it publishes dry crash, then is indoors too dry. If the chip breaks without any sounds, air humidity indoors normal. If to puppies only bends and does not break, the humidity increased. It should be noted that such measuring method will be suitable for non-residential premises more.

6. Light match or candle and watch flame carefully. If the flame burns strictly vertically, the humidity increased. At low humidity, as a rule, the flame will take the leave in different directions, and around it the crimson aura is formed.

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