How to define difference between granite and marble

How to define difference between granite and marble

Granite and marble were always emitted from the total number of stones, and were considered as the most valuable. Those who is going to improve the dwelling stone need to know about distinctions of granite and marble.

Since ancient times natural stones in interior were spoken about the status of owners and their prosperity at home. Now products from such material can be met everywhere, but the ability to distinguish one material from another is important.


Granite is the stiffened magma or the hardened breed. The drawing at it exclusively granular, and color gamma from red till darkly green color. Products from granite are extremely popular in dressing of fireplaces, kitchens and floor.

Marble represents majestic rock which has resulted from interaction of magnesium and calcium. Also it is used for upclassing of interior and exterior. Has various coloring. Both of these products are highly appreciated in view of the durability and, of course, refined exterior. They charm the pattern and gloss, moreover, they extremely wearproof. To break such product it is necessary to try fairly.


The difference between granite and marble can be imperceptible for not knowing person though it is possible to note specific points on which they can be distinguished. - Marble concedes to granite on durability and wear resistance, but it is not essential. - The color gamma of marble is much more various. - Marble is perfectly polished, and granite, meanwhile, extremely hard gives in to this procedure. - Marble is extremely sensitive to influence of aggressive substances and to temperature drop. At the same time it immediately becomes covered by cracks, but it leads to total destruction in exceptional cases. - Granite has exclusively granular drawing, and his opponent is covered with streaks. Often people "wonder" from that how refined drawings on stones are created by the nature. Marble – very gentle material which is not recommended to be subjected to influence of high temperatures. For this reason for facing of fireplace granite is most often used. Products from marble decorate practically all museums and exhibition areas worldwide. This material, like the work of art, attracts views of passersby in view of the openwork drawing and gentle color. Without doubts, it is possible to call both of these materials really the finest creations of the nature. Cost at them almost identical therefore the nobility of difference is recommended that is called "for herself" as sellers do not have sense to give one material for another.

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