How to define level of underground water

How to define level of underground water

Ground waters are waters which are underground, but is not deep, and at the level of the first water-bearing stratum. For formation of these waters there is mass of sources, for example, atmospheric precipitation, filtering through the soil, fill up the soil pool, also natural reservoirs can be donors, etc. For definition of depth of underground waters there is mass of ways.

It is required to you

  • Wool, egg, sulfur, unslaked lime, copper vitriol.


1. Define level of underground water in certain seasons, namely, in the spring or in the fall, those days when there are incessant rains. To check, there is how deeply water, it is necessary to glance in the next wells or wells, but not in any area such opportunity can be provided.

2. Take wool scrap, carefully wash out it, and then well dry up. Further, take svezhesnesenny egg, clay vessel and go to the place of investigation.

3. Then, in the chosen place remove layer of the turf and put the prepared wool scrap in deepening. From above, on wool put egg and cover it with clay vessel.

4. Further, cover vessel with the turf and you leave. Next morning, right after sunrise lift vessel and pay attention to dew. If dew is on egg, then water is not deeply and if only wet wool, then water is at impressive depth. And if egg and wool are dry that, most likely, there is no water there just or it is very deeply.

5. Take three hundred grams of sulfur, three hundred grams of unslaked lime and as much copper vitriol and mix these components. Then, take unglazed vessel and place in it this mix. Densely close vessel, the piece of dense fabric contracted several times and weigh it.

6. Then, in the explored place dig out hole, depth of hole has to be not less half a meter. Place the closed vessel in this hole and dig it.

7. In a day dig out vessel and again weigh it. If the mass of vessel has increased not less than by 10 percent, then it is considered that water is superficially. Respectively, the vessel will be heavier, the closer there is water.

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