How to define quality of coal

How to define quality of coal

Good wood charcoal - necessary condition for cooking on fire. However it is applied not only there. Fuel for fireplace has to be qualitative too, then in the house will be warm and cozy. In shops for gardeners coal is on sale rather often, but not always its quality conforms to necessary requirements.

It is required to you

  • - coal;
  • - scales;
  • - measured ware;
  • - brazier.


1. Take care of acquisition of good coal in shop. Attentively examine packing. It has to be whole and dry. Coal in damp packing was for certain stored in not the most suitable conditions so it will hardly be suitable for creation of cosiness. Look at marking. It has to be specified from what tree of woods this product is made. Besides, the certified firms specify also state standard. Do not forget to probe pack. You need lumpy coal, but not powder. Pieces have to be the average size. Powder is not suitable neither for cooking, nor for fireplace kindling.

2. For cooking give preference to birch or oak coal because coniferous breeds distinguish essential oils. The fuel prepared from pine and fir-tree will be suitable for fireplace - in the room there will be very pleasant smell.

3. Buying coal from the private supplier or in the market, take at first on test small amount. Of course, you will hardly be able to make full quality test in house conditions, but to conduct several experiments quite in your forces, and no rare equipment for this purpose will be required. It is possible to measure, for example, coal density, having weighed it and having counted the occupied volume. According to the standard, density of coal of the first and second grade has to be 0.37 g/cm3.

4. Define amount of the received ashes. Weigh coal, then burn it. Weigh ashes and define the relation of its quantity to total amount of coal. For birch coal it should not exceed 3%, for pine can be slightly more. At combustion, coal has to give light natural aroma.

5. Try to heat brazier. Coal has to be heated quickly, but not give naked flame. High heat emission - also indicator of high quality. Besides, coal has to be hydroscopic. Drip on its piece a little water and look that will occur. Water has to disappear, and fuel at the same time - not to become wet. The coal conforming to standards contains no more than 6% of water. At long storage this share can raise up to 15%. Such amount of moisture allows coal to absorb water further, till certain moment without losing the properties. If what you have bought conforms to all requirements - it is safely possible to use services of this supplier and from now on.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team