How to define quality of furniture

How to define quality of furniture

Arranging the apartment, you long and carefully select furniture and home decoration, seeking to make the housing convenient, comfortable and beautiful. As furniture belongs to type of goods of long use and is bought at least for 5-10 years, maintaining its exterior and functionality is especially important. Not to be disappointed in purchase, it is necessary to define quality of furniture still before it is brought to your house.

1. In shop ask the seller to show all documents confirming quality of furniture. In them the warranty period of its operation has to be specified, stand mark about compliance to state standard specifications and specifications. Furniture has to have the certificate confirming its quality.

2. But, of course, it is impossible to be limited to documents. Pay attention to quality of materials of which furniture is made. Not only the term of its service, but also safety of operation depends on it. Materials and artificial coverings should not contain additives and mixes, unhealthy the person. They should not peel off and on joints there should not be visible strips.

3. Check, designs, especially those furnishings which are supposed to be used often and repeatedly – folding sofas, doors of cabinets, sliding shelves are how reliable. All boxes have to move forward smoothly, on them there have to be slings and closers which are not allowing them to drop out. Boxes have to slide and be closed smoothly, without knock. Listen whether sofa springs creak if to spread out it.

4. Fastening of parts has to be faultless, the accessories – qualitative, will allow you not to remember it repair long. Doors of cabinets should not sag. Check connection of the parts made of natural wood, they have to connect by means of the glued grooves, but not screws and nails.

5. Pay attention to quality of processing of surfaces, especially to faces where most often it is possible to notice oversights. Knots and cracks on wooden surfaces should not be. If there are gaps, and on surface glue traces are visible, then it is possible to doubt good quality of such furniture.

6. Important indicator of sound, qualitative furniture is its upholstery, it has to have equal seams and fringes. On leather coverings the outer edges with seams have to be painted over. At production of qualitative upholstered furniture, dense natural fabrics and fillers, resistant to wear, are used.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team