How to define quality of the monolithic building?

How to define quality of the monolithic building?

Construction with application monolithic technologies becomes more and more popular with builders, however the monolith not always means reliability of design.

The majority of new buildings are under construction on monolithic technology now. Reasons for that a little:

  • First, if building goes from panels, then in this case the builder has no opportunity to change the project during construction of the building, construction loses flexibility. As have drawn the general plan, so according to it and go;
  • Secondly, with progress development the monolithic technologies became more essential cheaper;
  • Thirdly, the monolith is considered more reliable in terms of seismostability. However not each monolithic building equally qualitative. As to earn more money, the builder can try to save.

So, you examine object what it is necessary to look narrowly at to make the conclusion about quality of construction?

  • One of the key and main indicators of quality concrete is equal and pleasant color. Concrete in the course of hardening grows white and finds uniform structure, however, if concrete was filled in in winter time, it can break technological process therefore concrete can remain "exposed to frost" and with dark color. Also to be necessary to pay attention to shade if there are spots of brown color, that is probability that sand content, above standards.
  • During survey pay attention to the invoice of concrete, in it there should not be lamination. Sometimes there are cases when part of filler of concrete accumulates below, and "laitance" is formed above. In this situation concrete durability, of course, will be different that influences durability of all structure of the building.
  • Often there are situations when in concrete there are emptiness which appear because of violations of technologies. Builders often rub clean these defects, however they have other shade.
  • Pay attention to availability of mesh reinforcement to surfaces. If it it is visible, then over time armature will rust that will lead to its expansion. And it in turn can damage concrete.
  • The quality of design depends on construction speed. And speed of building not always means the good sign. As on technology on creation of one floor about 7-10 days are allotted.

How independently to determine concrete durability?

Durability of concrete can independently be checked in several ways:

  • It is possible to try to scratch concrete sharp object, for example, nail. The trace from nail has to be thin and a little noticeable, it speaks about high quality of filling. In case concrete begins crumbles, it means that durability is insufficient.
  • It is also possible to strike concrete if the sharp ring appears - it is good sign of quality concrete. Bad after blow will begin to crumble.


Summing up the results, it is possible to draw conclusion that durability of monolithic construction depends on many factors. The monolithic technology is rather difficult therefore if you have noticed the listed violations, it is better to address to mobile laboratories which in several hours will conduct necessary researches.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team