How to define rigidity

How to define rigidity

To learn to define water hardness costs to each housewife to prevent breakage of household appliances, damage of linen, and also to try to save the organism from undesirable consequences in the form of dry skin and stones in kidneys. There are several easy ways to learn what water hardness from your crane.


1. In general to get impression about that, your water is how rigid, it is possible, having traced availability of scum on household appliances and pipes. If hardness of water is increased, then the teapot spiral, cranes, the metal surfaces of the washing machine will become covered by considerable layer of scale. It has yellowish-gray color and a little pouring texture at influence.

2. Water in which the amount of salts is exceeded strikingly differs on taste from soft water in which it is less these salts. Some people are capable to determine independently hardness of water, having tried it as it is not really tasty.

3. In very hard water of substance on soap base completely refuse to form lather therefore if soap in your hands does not form lather, and shampoo only flows down on your hair, it means that water hardness in your house is exceeded. In case soapsuds are difficult washed away from your hands it means that water from your crane very soft.

4. But all these ways of determination of rigidity speak only about approximate condition of water, and for exact indicators it is necessary to use special devices and technologies. For example, aquarians use so-called rapid test of determination of hardness of water which you can find in specialized shops.

5. There are TDS meters which measure the level of mineral substances and salts and also conductivity and water hardness. The device costs considerable money, but, exactly thanks to it, you learn the exact level of the salts which are contained in your water and if the quantity exceeds them norm, will be able in due time to begin to fight against water hardness by means of protective equipment.

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