How to define the southwest in the apartment

How to define the southwest in the apartment

Knowledge of arrangement of parts of the world in own apartment is necessary for the competent organization of its natural lighting. Today it is possible to carry out this operation without any compass, having used the computer or the mobile phone.


1. Visit by means of the computer browser any cartographic website (Yandex.Maps, Google Maps, Bing Maps, OpenStreetMap, etc.) or start on the mobile phone any cartographic program, for example, of Mobile GMaps. In all cases, previously make sure that Internet access at you bezlimity, and in case with phone - also in the correct control of point of access (APN). The cartographic websites and applications consume a lot of traffic. If on the phone you have no unlimited tariff, will use the special version of Yandex.Maps without tariffing of traffic, in the presence of support from the operator.

2. If phone is equipped with the built-in navigation receiver, and he is correctly ready, bring it to window and wait several minutes. When using the external receiver of navigation signals to window bring it, and phone arrange row.

3. In case you use phone without the built-in navigation receiver, or have visited the cartographic website from the computer, find manually the street and the house. Some programs for phone allow to determine location by signals of base stations also.

4. Look at the card. Above yours on it the objects located to the north, below - to the south, at the left - to the west, on the right - to the east are at home.

5. Look what of objects are visible from windows of your house. Compare the picture seen by you with arrangement of the same objects on the card. Being guided by this information, you without effort define parts of the world in the apartment.

6. Do not use normal compass in city conditions, especially, at home better. Too much around us is massive steel objects, including armature of reinforced concrete walls.

7. At the organization of natural lighting of the apartment you remember that it is necessary to open curtains in the morning and not to turn on the artificial light after rising in rooms which windows are turned not the East, and in the evening - to sunset in rooms which windows are turned on the West.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team