How to defreeze sewage pipe

How to defreeze sewage pipe

All value of the engineering systems providing to people household conveniences can really be realized only when they cease to act. Failure of system of the sewerage because of freezing of pipes – one of the most unpleasant events of this sort. If it happened, it is necessary to cause urgently municipal service or to turn to work most.

It is required to you

  • - tanks for water (buckets, teapot, etc.);
  • - flexible hose;
  • - devices for water heating (the boiler, electric or gas-fire);
  • - heater cable;
  • - blow torch or blowpipe;
  • - heater;
  • - aluminum foil.


1. Define the frozen pipe section, provide access to it, having removed all disturbing objects. If necessary dig out trench in the place of proleganiye of pipe, remove from it thermal insulation.

2. If the frozen pipe is located on the street, the most effective remedy of otogrev is the naked flame. Kindle blow torch or blowpipe (with small supply of gas mixture) and direct flame to pipe, moving it on all frozen site. If there is no torch and lamp, spread out the rags moistened with kerosene or gasoline under pipe and light it. When using gasoline be careful, its ignition happens instantly. Unfortunately, having warmed naked flame is not suitable for plastic pipes which everywhere succeed steel and pig-iron.

3. When warming of the frozen pipe located in the house it is convenient and effective having warmed hot water. Wind the frozen pipe with rags, enclose them under it – for absorption of the flowing-down water. Heat water as it is possible stronger – up to boiling – and water with it pipe. If there is opportunity to bring hot water flexible hose, consider that you were lucky. It considerably will accelerate business. Hot water it is possible to warm also plastic pipes.

4. For otogrev of pipes it is possible to use special cables. Envelop the frozen pipe aluminum foil (it is necessary for heat extraction from cable to pipe). Reel up heater cable over foil. Not to damage heating coil, reel up not less than 100 mm with spiral step. Cover pipe and cable with heater from mineral wool. If there is no minvata, any old clothes will fit. Include cable in network and wait. The only lack of this method is rather long time of otogrev.

5. It is possible to warm the frozen pipe by means of technical or household hair dryers. This way not bad works at otogreva of struts if they for some reason or other cannot be warmed naked flame. Create around strut the closed space from air-tight material. For example, envelop around it film in the form of spacious sleeve, having densely tied it above to strut cord. From below send hot current of air from the hair dryer to sleeve. This way does not give fast effect, but it is rather reliable.

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