How to design cottage

How to design cottage

The country house has set of advantages before the normal city apartment. Here it is always possible to make some extension if there is not enough room. Also there is no need to spend time for departures out of the city on the weekend for family holiday outdoors.

It is required to you

  • computer program for designing


1. Before design directly house make the plan of the site on which construction will be carried out. It is necessary that you could see full picture of location of the house and other constructions on the site and also for development of landscaping.

2. Think over several important points on which all construction of your house will depend: how many people will live in the house what age future residents whether frequent visits of guests are planned for long term. The number of rooms in the house and their arrangement on floors will depend on this information. For example, if people of old age live in the house, then it is better to locate their rooms on the first floor.

3. Locate living rooms so that as much as possible light got to them, it is desirable in the south, in the southeast. And here the space for kitchen, bathroom, the storeroom can be allocated from northern part of the house.

4. Make the plan of each room. Even before construction you will have opportunity to place furniture in each room, to see that and in what proportions it will be required to you for creation of final interior.

5. Draw separately facade of each part of the side of the house. Thus you will see the house in miniature and will be able to choose finishing material for facade.

6. Already having more detailed picture of your house, you will be able to make drawings of future construction much more simply. Install the program for drawing up architectural drawings on the computer and start completion phase of design – to drawing up the working draft.

7. Transfer all the ideas from sketches to the computer program. Here you once again will be able to look at the house from above and to make changes where you will see in them need. After coordination of the project in specialized instances it will be possible to start construction of your house.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team