How to design country house

How to design country house

The first and, perhaps, the most important stage of construction of country house always is its design. It is necessary to represent accurately for what purposes you need future cottage - for permanent residence or for summer holiday - and proceeding from it, to plan the territory.

1. Be defined first of all how many floors will be in your future house. Architects believe that residential buildings optimum have to consist no more than of two floors plus additional ground or basement storey. At construction of the house on difference of relief it is also possible to consider option of arrangement of garage under the house. Refuse multy-storey cottage if in it there live children or elderly people.

2. Distribute rooms on floors. Classical scheme of owner-occupied dwelling following: on the first floor, utility rooms — sauna, gym, billiard room, the storeroom are placed, on the first floor public places, such as hall, wardrobe, kitchen, the dining room, the living room, bathroom, on the second — bedrooms, children's, guest rooms are located. On the mansard floor place office or library. If the territory and financial opportunities allows, on the first floor it is also possible to arrange cinema hall, winter garden. It is possible to equip even roof, having defined on it the space for the pool, sunbed and small garden.

3. Locate rooms in the house with orientation on parts of the world. The best location for the nursery and the living room will be that part of the house which comes to the South or the southeast. For bedrooms it is possible to choose shady side of the house. Pay bigger attention to the main room, the living room as its situation dictates planning of all room. Think over where you arrange ladder on upper floors. Pay also attention where there are windows of premises of your neighbors. Try to orient so balconies that from them the view of the neighbour's yard did not open.

4. Do not forget to define where you will do exit to verandah. Think over as the porch or terrace in front of the house has to look. Provide what your country house has to be outside and think up his facade, external finishing, roof configuration, form of windows.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team