How to design furniture

How to design furniture

It is possible to project furniture not only on paper, but also on the computer screen. It is possible to do it by means of specialized programs which clearly demonstrate each part of future cabinet or, for example, sofa.


1. To project furnitureon the computerthere is several of the programs which are specially intended for this purpose. With their help you will be able to create projects of cabinet furniture both for the house, and for office, to project sliding wardrobes and the systems of sliding doors and also complete kitchens and many other things.

2. Use these programs and have opportunity quickly and the main thing qualitatively to create any designs, to calculate the preliminary cost of furniture directly on the screen of your personal computer. Also you will receive project illustrations where everything will be visible visually, detailed drawings of assembly and also drawings of separate parts will be available to you.

3. Pay attention that these programs have functions to designate openings and to clearly demonstrate the actual sizes, also you see opening binding from base of product or from its edge. You have idea of product edge thickness, the program also forms high-quality cards of the best cutting, at the same time all technology features of how parts connect are observed and the furniture accessories are placed.

4. Use, for example, the Woody program which is the professional program for the furniture industry. Working in it, you do design in 3D most effectively, both at the same time easily and quickly, before you drawings of assembly of furniture, are also available drawings of separate parts. You have all features of installation of each type of loops before eyes. Pay attention that with the program the database which has descriptions over 7000 various materials, accessories and fastenings is delivered.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team