How to design the room

How to design the room

Morning at most of people in the world begins with the bathroom. There the person washes, brushes teeth, makes toilet, cheering up washing of the person cool water. And having finally woken up and having cheered up, it is already possible to go to have breakfast and gather for work. It is noticed that the mood since morning during the morning procedures in the bathroom increases in direct ratio ukhozhennost, illumination and cosiness of the bathroom. And it can achieve by skillful design of the room.


1. When choosing color think of what you are going to achieve visual effect. If the bathtub small in itself, is better to use in its interior light and nonsaturated tone, visually expanding space. And using the color for each wall, you will achieve visual reduction of the sizes of the room. Deep colors and also saturated shades beige, scarlet, lemon, copper, pink or colors of mahogany perfectly are suitable for transformation of the bathroom in similarity of smooth and cozy water, gley it is possible not only to take bath, but also it is good to have a rest. Celestial-blue, cream, peach and silvery colors will fill the room with light.

2. Ceiling lighting is quite often provided with only one lamp. In the spacious bathroom it is better to establish several sources of lighting which are evenly distributing light on all room space.

3. In case with one lamp it needs to be established exactly in the middle of ceiling. If it is several lamps, you should think over their arrangement and also to make sure that on them splashes of water will not get and it will be impossible to touch them accidentally. Remember, the more you establish luminous sources in the bathroom, the less there have to be their sizes. It is the best of all to install small lamps with halogen lamps.

4. It is recommended by ceramic tile to finish floor and walls in the bathroom. It can be floor, wall, have hundreds of various textures and colors. You can choose from such rich range what will be pleasant to you and that will help to make your bathroom comfortable and cozy. Coverings from high-quality art mosaic, the natural marble or even tree covered with special waterproof varnish are relevant for large bathrooms.

5. The modern furniture intended for bathrooms at the heart of the consists of elements which can be arranged in various options, being guided by the size of the room and your desires. Various lockers and shelves will have just to the place. And you will find them not only practical, but also successfully fitting into interior of your bathroom.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team