How to design the seasonal dacha

How to design the seasonal dacha

If you have bought the parcel and are going to spend on it enough time, it is necessary to design correctly it, in many respects the comfort of accommodation and rest will depend on it. At the same time it is desirable to consult with the specialist architect, but if there is no such opportunity, try to design the seasonal dacha independently.

It is required to you

  • - sheet of paper;
  • - tape measure and ruler;
  • - Construction Norms and Regulations 30-02-97, Construction Norms and Regulations 31-02-2001, Construction Norms and Regulations 2.07.01-89.


1. Take the big sheet of paper and draw the site, observing proportions. At the same time surely specify all important elements which can influence the project: big trees and landings which you are going to leave, the road, streams and ditches, constructions, etc. Specify on the plan of part of the world (it is important at placement of landings, some plants love the sun, and others grow in shadow better).

2. Begin planning with garage (if it is necessary) as it has to be tied to the road and convenient to entrance. It is unlikely it will want to you that on the site the road ran and occupied thus precious meters.

3. Before making the project of the house, study rules of its arrangement on the site. Consider that from the line of the street the house has to be remote not less, than on 5 meters, and from borders of adjoining property – not less, than on 3 meters. At the same time, if the neighbor has already built the house, in addition observe fire-prevention distances – 6 meters between stone buildings, 15 meters between wooden and 10 meters between wooden and stone. Pay attention, the distance is considered on building ledges (bay window, porch, etc.)

4. Place farm buildings near the house, but taking into account specifics. For example, I ban conveniently to construct as it is possible closer to the house, but it is necessary to observe the same fire-prevention requirements, and it is better to put the bathroom as it is possible further – not less than 12 meters from the house and cellar. Also make compost pit far away from the house, in at the end of the site, near kitchen garden. Constructions for the maintenance of the cattle arrange not less, than in 4 meters from other buildings, consider that unpleasant smells and sounds can strongly spoil to you rest at arrangement near recreation area.

5. If you have children or you plan at the dacha not only to work, but also to have a rest, surely plan recreation area. It can be the small site equipped with table and benches, swing, sandbox, the pool, brazier, etc. It is better to arrange it far away from the road and from such strategically important objects as kitchen garden and the greenhouse.

6. Make the project of landings, considering soil moisture, parts of the world, shadow from constructions and other factors. Consider that the perennial plants, for example, fructifying and decorative trees, it will be very difficult to move if you want to be changed landscape. The arrangement of beds at the same time can be changed though every year.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team