How to design the site

How to design the site

Sometimes there is a wish to make something with own hands, to spend a lot of time, but to have satisfaction from result. It will be more difficult to equip the garden site or country house for rest if there are no skills. But there is nothing impossible, the main thing to have desire. To begin is worth from drawing up the list it that it would be desirable to make on the site, and then it will be necessary to think over each trifle.

It is required to you

  • Site, paper, ruler, handle, ropes and stakes.


1. First of all it is necessary to examine relief to define whether it is necessary to do adding or to remove soil. To remove excess vegetation and garbage from the site. To draw the plan, to distribute places for the house, greenhouses, garden plants, beds, gazebo and garage. To plan laying of paths and drains. In order that it is better to provide as the site will look, it is possible to carry out marking by means of stakes and ropes. That to miss nothing, it is necessary to examine ready marking from different points of the site. If it is supposed to plant trees and bushes, you should not forget that they expand, taking a lot of place, and give shadow.

2. It is desirable to build the house on the highest place of the site, considering that windows of the bedroom have to look at the East or the South, windows of the general room it is better to arrange towards the West, and kitchen windows on the North.

3. It is not desirable to build more than two floors in the house as continuous walking on ladders tires and irritates. The basement can be the additional floor. It is better to make garage the certain building as if to organize it under the house, it will be eternal damp and wet there that will hardly please the owner.

4. Building the house it is close to site border, breakdown of garden and construction of the greenhouse is facilitated. If to build the house in depth, then the silence in the house will be provided. It is also possible to plant bush and trees between fence and the house that will prevent all passing to look inside. The entrance to the house usually is located facade towards the street, near porch it is necessary to make hard durable surface.

5. It is better to design economic buildings at border or in the depth of the site. To organize the place for sit-round gathering near the house and in garden environment. By the way, buying plants for landing it is better to consult with the seller as at mature age the trees can be too big or raise very slowly.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team