How to destroy bed bugs: personal experience

How to destroy bed bugs: personal experience

Most of us lives in multifamily houses, and all of us can face undesirable "sharing" in the form of bugs. Based on own experience, I know that cases of appearance of these little villains in our dwellings become the ordinary phenomenon.

The emergence reasons in the house of bed bugs a little. Elementary entering of larvae or adult individuals on clothes - the most widespread way for people whose professions or hobbies are connected with visit of public places with clothes and locker rooms. The contact with infected with clothes or lockers for recrawling of insects suffices. Often infection occurs through footwear. Experts with frequentations of others apartments and rooms get into risk group. Also pigeons, rats and mice become carriers of larvae and adult individuals. Considering survivability and diminutiveness of bugs, they can get from balconies and loggias, from basements and cherdakovyu

In my case the bugs have come from unsuccessful neighbors, unsuccessful neighbors also put in risk group of all living nearby. Bugs the animals walking in itself and coming back home home can bring. Among other ways of "sharing" there are acquisition of already infected housing and purchase in shops of the infected clothes. The specifics of these insects are that without power supply adult individuals and before half a year of larva can survive up to one and a half years. They maintain freezing to - 18C.

Let's consider conditions of accommodation of bugs. They generally do slots in slots of floors, furniture, under the flaking wall-paper – their favourite places are that. Become more active at night if you have found the creeping individual on the wall, know that the room or all apartment are already infected. At once begin to act. Examine all joints of furniture, pay special attention to berths, especially children's.

Get means for processing of rooms, rather modern aerosol with the indication of bugs in the list of influences, and start. Do not allow in the processed rooms of children and animals. I had to process one room completely (places of congestions, all slots of furniture, mattresses of bed, chairs, sofas, slots of plinths) and for prevention corridor and the adjoining rooms. Early in the morning rooms were flooded and safely all went to the institutions, the dead and the poisoned insects were swept out in the evening and airing by draft became. Processing repeated in the same volume next day.

After the first processing there has come the most difficult period: nerves walk, it is impossible to sleep as any pseudo-touch causes disgust attack. Have patience. Excellent opportunity to spend on drink motherwort course. The second stage comes in two weeks, also lasting two days. I recommend to make two more times every two weeks, i.e. four processings turn out. During this time the bed linen was washed in boiling mode with obligatory ironing after drying, the clothes were shaken out in the bathroom, trousers, jackets, coat, all things looked round.

The last processing becomes in half a year according to the recommendation of saninspetion, but I did not do it, and have made complete repair of the apartment. These undesirable guests are so brought. How to avoid settling recurrence? Prevention, only prevention will save us. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team