How to destroy horsetail

How to destroy horsetail

According to the statements of agronomists, the contamination of kitchen gardens and fields for the last 15-20 years has grown from 55-60 to 80-85%. At the same time experts observe steady trend of growth. Among the most energetic and difficult liquidated weed plants call also horsetail field, a lot of growing on crude sour soils. Its roots leave on half-meter depth, and separate shoots and rhizomes reach length more than a meter. Thickets of horsetail dry up and exhaust the earth, complicating thereby care for cultural plants and considerably reducing their productivity. However people have found more productive ways of disposal of horsetail.

It is required to you

  • - garden stock (shovel, sapka, rake);
  • - limy fertilizers;
  • - seeds of cruciferae family of plants;
  • - chemical medicines;
  • - respirator, gloves.


1. If you have decided to fight against horsetail mechanically, i.e. redigging, weeding and scarification, you should do it carefully. It is necessary to choose attentively rhizomes and not to leave them within your parcel at all, and to take out for its borders or to stack in compost heap. (The weeds thrown on the earth can take roots and form new escapes again). But even after the most careful soil cultivation and "comb-out" of rhizomes you unambiguously will not reach deeply lying roots, they, alas, remain in the earth and sprout with new force. For this reason the traditional method of fight against weeds – weeding, i.e. surface treatment of the soil, is ineffective. However in the early spring nevertheless cut with the hill the sprouts of horsetail representing brown sporiferous shoots without waiting for weeding of the cultural plants planted or seeded on this place.

2. As the horsetail grows on sour soils, it is necessary to reduce their acidity. It can achieve by entering into the soil of limy materials. To it calcite, dolomite, limestone, waste of sugar production, slaked lime, etc. belong. However at this way there is risk of considerable reduction of nutrients in the soil as at introduction of limy fertilizers nutrients are not reproduced. If you have decided to apply this way, attentively read the operation manual of specific limy material and strictly carry out the proportions specified in it.

3. The horsetail field "is not on friendly terms" with look plants "cruciferae family", such as winter colza, radish olive, mustard white, arugula and others. Their root allocations oppress weeds and doom them to full death. Seed cruciferae family upon termination of harvesting and during the subsequent period of preparation of the soil by next year. If you do not find seeds of these cultures, seed winter rye – it also has brilliant "sanitary" properties.

4. Chemical way. Bring in the soil water solution of herbicide titus (attentively read the instruction). As "prilipatel" add to solution laundry soap or the medicine PARTrepd 90. These herbicides do not do harm to potatoes and other cultures, at the same time the horsetail and other weeds (sow-thistle, zvezdchatka, galinsog, wheat grass) destroy well. About terms of introduction of medicines read in the instruction. Also water solution of raundap will help to get rid of horsetail field. This strongest medicine is capable to destroy all weed vegetation both on the surface of the soil, and in the soil since has property to get into root system. It is especially important for destruction of burr and kornevishchny species of weeds to which also the horsetail field belongs.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team