How to destroy snakes

How to destroy snakes

Happens so that gardens and kitchen gardens bring to us not only harvest and opportunity to have a rest, but also the unpleasant moments, for example, the neighbourhood with snakes. The meeting of the person with snake can turn back serious problems for health, up to lethal outcome therefore it is better to try to get rid of such neighbors.


1. Cleaning of personal plot has to become the first step on destruction of snakes. Put away all garbage, cut unnecessary bushes, mow weeds, collect damp tops of vegetable and foliage. If everything cannot be removed, transfer places of congestion of garbage far away from the house and shady damp places.

2. The most certain way is to destroy the snake slot. Most often snakes live near stubs, compost and manure pits and bushes. After you destroy the slot, place the naphthalenic balls which are previously crushed in the earth.

3. Exterminate all small rodents living on your site. Rodents are food for snakes and if they are not, snakes will be forced to leave the site. Minks of rodents destroy, they are the habitat of snakes.

4. There is opinion that snakes do not get on with hedgehogs. Get seven hedgehogs on the site. By the way, hedgehogs very much love alcohol therefore they can be allured, for example beer. However, the best option nevertheless - milk.

5. Snakes do not transfer ashes and coals. If all crop is already reaped, it is possible to set fire to the site, to be exact the remains of dry grass. If to resort to such cardinal measures there is no opportunity, burn old automobile tire on the site. The smell of burned rubber will force snakes to look for new shelter.

6. Use various chemicals. Spread out herbicide or saltpeter on site perimeter. If you have ropes from sheep wool, stretch them along fence. Threads have to be raw, with characteristic smell.

7. Get cats and cats, they will help with catching of snakes, and also rodents.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team