How to determine favorable and adverse days for landing by the lunar calendar

How to determine favorable and adverse days for landing by the lunar calendar

Summer residents with experience grow up and plant plants taking into account favorable and adverse days in the lunar calendar. These dates are annually published in hundreds of magazines and on thousands the websites for gardeners. But not always the days specified in media coincide with reality. That future harvest has really pleased, it is worth learning to determine independently the best days for landing by phases of the moon and zodiac signs.

Lunar sowing calendar

It is the special calendar table for landing of agricultures with the allocated days in which the Moon or has too strong impact on all live, or completely stays idle. According to the sowing calendar which is formed annually, for cycle lasting 28 days the moon passes 12 zodiac signs in each of which it is late for 2-3 days. 

Definition of favorable and adverse days on phases

The Moon has 4 phases, this fact can be traced as approximately, having looked at night into the sky, and having listened to any weather forecast.

To understand whether it is worth doing something with garden plant during any given period, it is necessary to remember behavior of agronomical cultures in each of phases.

  • New moon phase. Lunar energy is directed to origin, updating therefore the night star during this period and is called "the new Moon". At plants the period is characterized by strengthening of root system, origin of sprouts, but growth of the stalk considerably slows down.
  • Full moon phase. The round blue disk in firmament gives strong emission of energy. All live on the earth (including the person) feels noticeable inflow of forces. Force of plants is aimed at the active development of fruits or escapes.
  • Phase of the Moon growing. Useful substances go from roots to tips of leaves. The plant is susceptible to light, photosynthesis is strengthened. This period is considered the most suitable for landing of plant according to the lunar calendar.
  • Phase of the Moon decreasing. From leaves nutrients are returned to root. Without prejudice to itself the plant will allow to collect ripe fruits.

Thus, the most favorable moment for crops is phase of the growing Moon. Time of its observation - from 1 day to the 14th day of the lunar calendar. It is possible to plant seeds on seedling or in in the earth at above-zero temperature at once, it is possible to replace saplings to the site, to make fertilizing and to loosen radical soil. In the same days the inoculation of trees well takes root. The plant will quickly gain strength and will well take roots on the constant place.

To the decreasing Moon it is possible to make change and inoculation too. And here in new moon it is better not to be engaged in garden affairs, having given to plants and the earth rest.

The full moon is ideal both for harvesting, and for earthwork operations (loosening, fertilizing), pest control.

The sowing calendar on zodiac signs

Each lunar day is in certain zodiac sign. Too it is important to consider it. Astrological forecasts in media will be prompted what sign in the lunar calendar has come. The success of work in garden is affected by both specific zodiac signs, and phases of the Moon.

  • To plant seeds and to replace plants and also to land young people escape favorably in days of the Taurus, Cancer and also Fish. They will yield generous harvest and fertility to the soil. Especially it concerns vegetable cultures.
  • If it is necessary to make sword-play and change, it is necessary to wait for the sign of the Maiden, the Scorpion, Scales and the Capricorn.
  • The Aries, the Twin, Lev, Aquarius are not suitable for garden works and crops.

The lunar calendar of landings for 2019 on months and days

The lunar calendar of landings for 2019 on cultures

Whatever lunar and zodiac day went, it is important by the time of landing or change to seedling and to the open ground to create the best conditions for plant favorable for development of agriculture.

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