How to dig ditch

How to dig ditch

Basis of bases of any house - the base. However in order that this important element of the building was the steadiest, it is necessary to prepare ditch correctly. And here it is important to follow certain rules.

The ditch under future base can be dug shovel independently by means of familiar, hired workers, and it is possible to employ the construction equipment. Everything depends on preferences and financial opportunities of the builder. However it should be taken into account that after the excavator all the same it is necessary to straighten and smooth out already ready object.

Primary stage

Here the choice of the place, scheduling and marking is meant. Also here primary removal of soil enters. The top fertile plant layer makes usually 10-20 cm. To keep reasonablly received humus separately from other dug-out earth - fertile soil always in the price. It is also desirable to skim soil places of entrance of the equipment.

If it is going to build the house having the big area, then it is better to invite the surveyor. It is necessary to conduct the corresponding researches: to check depth of underground waters, consistency of the soil and its structure. Check of the site on availability of underground services is obligatory. With the passport of the builder future house owner has to get also permission to conducting land works. If it is supposed to construct large object, then it is desirable to lay out entrance from reinforced concrete slabs.

Performance of work

It is better to begin works during the period between June and October. Matter not only in quality, but also in cost. It is possible to dig also in the winter, but it will be twice more expensive. If to dig in the early spring or late fall, then business will be complicated by removal of the heavy got wet soil. Its cleaning – also important issue. Timely removal of the unnecessary earth will prevent transformation of building site into the impassable swamp that will paralyze further works. Therefore it is worth thinking of the equipment which will take out the dug-out soil in advance. Excavating depth is in direct dependence on point of freezing of the soil and level of underground underground waters. The first criterion forces to prepare ditch rather deep since its bottom has to be lower than the level of freezing not less, than in 30 see. The second parameter on the contrary, limits depth; otherwise it is necessary to fork up on hydroprotection. The sizes of ditch have to exceed building dimensions on 30-40 cm since front finishing has to lean on something. According to construction standards, the correct form of ditch – trapezoidal that reduces fall probability. At the same time the internal tilt angle of ditch in 45 degrees is considered ideal.

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