How to dig out the lake

How to dig out the lake

The lake is the closed natural reservoir. If it is about artificial hydraulic structure, then it is called pond. For its organization on personal plot it is necessary to choose such place which within year in the afternoon is lit with the open sun not less than five or six hours. Observance of this requirement will help to create favorable conditions for development of flora and fauna in reservoir.

It is required to you

  • - shovel or excavator,
  • - wooden pegs – 10 pieces,
  • - film for pools,
  • - sand.


1. Having decided on the location of pond, outline the simplest design project of future construction on the sheet of paper. Then on the area designate by pegs the space for digging of ditch for artificial reservoir.

2. Ideal time to start construction jobs the spring season is considered. First of all shovel or the excavator the ditch comes off. Its walls can be created inclined or step. The deepest place in pond is dug out on shady side: in it fishes will winter.

3. On perimeter of reservoir the trench 70 cm wide and 30 cm in depth, intended further for planting of marsh plants is created.

4. After preparation of ditch, soil at its bottom and slopes is leveled by shovels, all stones are removed from there. Then the dug-up surface is filled up with layer of sand from two to five centimeters thick then future pond is covered with film and left "alone" at several o'clock.

5. Having rummaged in work it is necessary in order that the film under curb weight was leveled on ditch surface.

6. Further edges of film nestle stones which are displayed on perimeter then in pond water is filled in.

7. Fill hydraulic structure with liquid on three quarters of all volume, remove stones, and fix film to earth surface by special pins which need to be got along with purchase of polyethylene material.

8. At the next stage of construction start construction of the coastline of reservoir. Fill in pond perimeter with concrete. It is more reasonable to lay out the first row plastovanny sandstone so that the stone hanged down on ten centimeters over edge of reservoir. Then it is possible to put border from cobble-stone and to continue construction of path on the coast. Options according to the solution of the matter exists much: since normal laying of paving slabs, and before creation of the avenue with pergola and gazebo.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team