How to dig out well on the site

How to dig out well on the site

At arrangement of the seasonal dacha its owner should resolve issue with water supply. The well construction can become one of possible exits in this case. To dig out it, it will be required to choose the place correctly.

  • - help of the workmate;
  • - equipment for drilling;
  • - logs or wooden bar;
  • - concrete rings;
  • - fastening elements;
  • - shovel;
  • - chainsaw;
  • - hammer;
  • - brick;
  • - sand;
  • - crushed stone.

1. Study the parcel to evaluate depth of underground waters. For this purpose at all there is no need to resort to exotic methods, like biopower frame. Sometimes it is enough to ask neighbors who already have managed to put wells in the territory of the sites. If the height of water in neighbour's wells is identical, most likely, all area has approximately identical level of the water horizon so it is possible to dig well in any convenient location.

2. If it was not succeeded to obtain data on bedding of waters in the way described above, carry out trial drilling. For this work it is the best of all to invite the professionals having the special equipment and owning technology of drilling. In such a way you obtain exact data on the place where underground waters are located most closer to surface.

3. Build the basis for well. In the simplest case the felling from round logs or bar which height will exceed a little the level of bedding of waters can become it. The wooden felling can be established by means of the workmate. More long-life construction from several concrete rings, but is much more difficult to establish them as for this purpose, most likely, lifting gears will be necessary.

4. When the basis is ready, dig out hole under well. Its size has to be such that the felling or concrete rings freely entered it. It is more convenient to dig small hole normal shovel, and the hole of the bigger size can demand use of the excavator. For bigger reliability of wall of hole it is recommended to lay out brick. Lay layer of the sifted bank sand and filling brick on bottom – these materials will perform function of the filter for water.

5. Lower the well basis in hole, having established it so that the bottom edge of felling or the first ring was located below height of water. Fill up space between walls of hole and the basis with soil and densely stamp. After a while (depending on quality of underground waters) the internal space of well will be filled with water until it reaches natural level.

6. Issue that part of well which will be over the surface of the soil. The well can be laid out brick, stone or to trim with tree. Establish on well of gate with the metal curved handle. Attach chain of sufficient length and galvanized bucket to collar. That the bucket sank better, but did not float on water surface at its fence, weight one edge of the handle massive metal washer. Now the well is ready to serve the owners for many years.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team