How to disassemble the door lock

How to disassemble the door lock

If necessary to replace the door lock or to fix problem in already available it is often necessary to disassemble the mechanism of the door lock. No matter, what its design - certain set of knowledge is necessary not to damage the mechanism, and on the contrary - to improve it. Coordinating your actions with several simple steps, you will be able independently to perform this operation.


1. Check possibility of elimination of malfunction, without removing the lock from door. For example, if the padlock, but not cut-in, all its main mechanisms are quite available to you without excess operations on its dismantling from door. Though to remove similar types of locks not so difficult. By means of the screw-driver remove the top protective lock housing or turn off several fixtures if they are available. Gradually take out bolt and supporting mechanism of the lock. In fact the device is rather simple also any small, with difficulty attached parts you will not find. However remember in what sequence you took out parts. Will be not superfluous even to photograph how the lock looked at initial stage.

2. Begin dismantling of the lock if it is constructed by the cut-in principle. Be extremely accurate - do not damage metal and all zones interacting with the lock for the subsequent return installation of the lock. Process of dismantling of the mechanism actually same, as well as at previous, and possible distinctions depend only on personally your model.

3. Address the instruction if your door is equipped with ""special"" types of locks. Invisible locks and electrical locks can glitch as these technologies have come to us not so long ago, and for this reason to each of such defenders bought from the official dealer in set there has to be instruction on the solution of sudden problems. If this instruction at you is not observed, address the Internet. Most likely, you quickly and without friend will find the scheme of your model.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team