How to disassemble the sewing machine

How to disassemble the sewing machine

Over time practically all sewing machines break. If the machine began to pass the stitches made by it lines uneven and do not keep at all (immediately are dismissed), so in it settings have got off or, what is even worse, it has broken. To define the cause of breakage and to eliminate it, the machine needs to be disassembled.

It is required to you

  • - greasy hand cream;
  • - rags;
  • - kerosene;
  • - brush;
  • - needle;
  • - oil;
  • - glue;
  • - screw-drivers.


1. Often the congestion of dirt and rust is the reason of breakage of the sewing machine. For their elimination it is necessary to clean all parts and components of the sewing machine.

2. First of all remove the pollution accumulating between paths of rail of the engine of fabric and needle plate (it is brilliant plate which opening the needle of the sewing machine enters). For this purpose turn off screws which fix needle plate by means of the screw-driver, and accurately remove it. As a rule, under needle plate it is possible to find the brought-down lump consisting of fibers of fabrics: remove this pollution by means of brush.

3. Pull out the shuttle from "bed" where it rotates, and attentively examine it for the purpose of identification of chips and other mechanical damages. If mechanical damages are not revealed, clean the shuttle from dust and the stiffened oil. That with ease to remove old dirt, use the rags, the wetted in kerosene.

4. Start cleaning of the shuttle slot. At first try to remove pollution with brush; if stratifications are too pressed, then for removal of dirt use needle or other sharp object.

5. Clean the reducer rotating the shuttle mechanism, and sleeves (there is friction of moving parts) and also oil all readily available rubbing parts and sleeves. Right there at once rag wipe oil smudges.

6. Check the mechanism of iglovoditel – the metal pin in which the needle is established. Make sure that the needle inserted in iglovoditel conforms to requirements imposed to it: the needle has to be sharp and have type of 705 N (the needles applied in household sewing machines).

7. Make sure of correctness of installation of iglovoditel. The correctness of provision of iglovoditel is determined by height by approach of nose of the shuttle to needle when that is in situation, distant from nose. Height of iglovoditel is equal in pryamostrochny sewing machines to 1-1.5 mm.

8. At some models of sewing machines, for example, "Jaguar" or "Pfaff hobby", it is hard to find iglovoditel. Disassemble the plastic body: do it very accurately as plastic – fragile material. Then adjust iglovoditel and stick together the plastic body.

9. Check pressure of the claw fastening to rod of lapkoderzhatel. For this purpose at sewing together of thick fabrics slightly press finger claw horn: if admissions disappear, so it is necessary to increase claw pressure, and to make it it is possible, having tightened up adjustment screw. Increase pressure gradually.

10. Quite often at the old Tea models the rod of weakening of thread does not work. For elimination of this problem remove top cover: at the left on sleeve of the sewing machine, near the thread tension adjuster, you will see opening with the profound screw. Slightly unscrew the screw-driver the screw and pull out on yourself the regulator of nitenatyazhitel on 2 mm, and then fix the screw.

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