How to disassemble the vacuum cleaner

How to disassemble the vacuum cleaner

In each house there is vacuum cleaner. This unit allows you to support the house in constant purity. Also it is worth noticing that the vacuum cleaner - pretty powerful device which is regularly operated. The vacuum cleaner, as well as any household appliances, has one negative feature - it breaks. What to do if the vacuum cleaner has broken? If the vacuum cleaner not on guarantees, then repair can cost pretty penny. And why to pay for the fact that it is possible to make with own hands?

  • Tools for analysis of household appliances, glove, the application guide of your vacuum cleaner.

1. If you have decided to disassemble the vacuum cleaner, then at first decide on what you need to make analysis of the vacuum cleaner for. Dismantling of the vacuum cleaner is full and incomplete. In the first case the full dismantling of all parts, and in the second - removal only of those parts which dismantling does not demand application of special purpose tools is meant. You make incomplete dismantling when you change filters in your vacuum cleaner. Also it is necessary to notice that it is periodically recommended to make full dismantling of the vacuum cleaner to remove the accumulated dust and dirt. It is necessary to clean turbine vanes as the congestion of dust and dirt complicates its free rotation. You will be able to prolong life cycle of your vacuum cleaner if you watch its technical condition. First of all, study the application guide of your vacuum cleaner as each model has the specific features.

2. Disconnect your vacuum cleaner from network that accidentally has not hit you with current. If the electrical wire is disconnected, then separate it from the body. Remove all external parts. Very often nozzles are stored in special office of the vacuum cleaner, they also should be got. Remove dust and dirt from the removed parts and accurately postpone their party.

3. Find all screws which the vacuum cleaner body fastens. Accurately turn off them. Try not to mix screws. For this purpose take the sheet of paper and draw on it approximate general lay-out of screws of the vacuum cleaner. Then put each screw on the place allocated for it. The fact is that screws can differ slightly among themselves on width and length. If you mix them, then can unintentionally break plastic slots.

4. After extraction of all screws accurately grope all plastic latches on which the body usually fastens. It is necessary to press them to remove the vacuum cleaner body. It is the best of all to use for this purpose special set of tools from flexible plastic or solid rubber as they will not break plasticity of the vacuum cleaner. Do not use normal iron screw-drivers as the body can crack from iron influence for this purpose at all.

5. After removal of the body the analysis is almost finished. Now it is necessary to clean accurately all internal space, including turbine vanes. It should be noted that further analysis of the vacuum cleaner demands unsoldering. It should be made only in the special place and in the presence of the special equipment. Also all procedures need to be made in gloves not to leave on internal parts of greasy marks and not to soil hand with oil.

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