How to disassemble the washing machine independently

How to disassemble the washing machine independently

Repair of the washing machine is considered to be very complex business. For this reason at any fault the owners of this equipment, as a rule, address to the service center. However it is not always proved, there are breakages which are simple for eliminating.

It is required to you

  • - flat-nose pliers;
  • - pincers;
  • - open-end wrenches;
  • - screw-driver;
  • - small scrap.


1. Remove the top panel of the washing machine. For this purpose, using the cross screw-driver, turn off the screws fixing this washing machines element. Then raise back part of the top panel, moving at the same time cover in the direction of back wall until she does not act.

2. Remove the distributor of cleaning agent and start dismantling of the control panel. Turn off the fixing screws. Hold the panel on the right side, and slowly shift its left part by 90 degrees (it has to unfasten from assembly doggie).

3. Turn the control panel by 180 degrees and hang up it on sidewall of the washing machine. Make it by means of service hook which long end needs to be inserted into special opening, and short - to attach to wall.

4. Execute dismantling of the service panel. Using the screw-driver, remove the screws fixing the panel to machine walls. By means of the small short scrow-bar carefully disconnect service panel.

5. Open door of "washing machine". By means of flat blade screwdriver remove the metal collar of the hatch holding rubber cups. Then disconnect cups from the central panel.

6. Dismantle the central panel, having turned off before it mounting screws. Accurately remove the panel and disconnect the terminal of blocking of door.

7. Using flat-nose pliers, weaken the collar connecting the recirculation valve to tank on hose. After that remove hose from the distributor and remove collar.

8. Then by means of flat-nose pliers weaken collet on hose which is connected to pressostat capacity. Unfasten hose from the pressostat, and later remove collar.

9. Weaken screw cups on machine tank. After it by means of flat blade screwdriver remove collar from tank. Having disassembled the washing machine, it is easier to define the cause of breakage.

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