How to dissolve epoxy glue

How to dissolve epoxy glue

If it is necessary to do renovation of apartment, the car or to restore the damaged objects from metal, ceramics, wood, glass and many other materials, use epoxy glue which will successfully cope with these tasks.

It is required to you

  • - Tanks
  • - sticks
  • - rubber gloves
  • - mask with charcoal filter


1. Mix epoxy glue manually. If for these purposes to use the electric tool gluing structure it can overheat and be turned to stone under the influence of the accelerated chemical reactions.

2. Strictly observe the proportions of liquid and dry ingredients specified by the producer on packing. Also do not recede from the sequence described in the instruction in mixing of mortar.

3. If glue consists of the hardener and pitch which are contained in identical quantities for its preparation just mix these ingredients together. If the quantity of each of components of glue needs to be measured, take metal capacity, for example, to bank from under coffee with graduation or the put circular divisions. Each of these divisions has to equal on volume to glass. If it is necessary to mix large volumes, then prepare measured ruler independently, having marked on it divisions.

4. Before mixing constituent parts together, mix each of them clean stick in separate tanks. At the same time for each solution use the clean stick that contents of one capacity accidentally have not got to another. Otherwise, the setting process which cannot be stopped will begin.

5. Having brought liquids separately to uniformity, pour them in the prepared container for mixing. Carefully mix and gradually begin to add in the small portions dry filler. If mix has turned out too dry, dilute it with the liquid ingredients mixed in separate capacity.

6. During the work with epoxy glue surely observe safety precautions: provide good provetrivayemost of the room, put on mask with charcoal filter, follow indications for rules of safe work on packing or the label. As glue difficult gives in to removal from skin, in preparation time of glue and work with it put on rubber gloves.

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