How to distinguish grade of apples Antonovka from grade white filling

How to distinguish grade of apples Antonovka from grade white filling

There is huge number of different types of apples. They differ in taste, aromas, maturing time, the sizes and so on. At the same time some grades can be mixed easily because differences between them are not so high.

It is possible to distinguish several national favourites from huge variety of grades. Without any doubt it is possible to carry apples of grades to them "Antonovka" and "white filling". They are effectively used for removal of new grades and in "clean" usual look do not hand over positions.

Antonovka — almost universal, classical grade. These apples are good for creation of fruit jelly, juice, fruit candy, jam. Antonovka which has grown in northern areas ripens late enough, perfectly lies all winter and practically does not spoil. Antonovka which has grown to the south turns into not too strong autumn or even summer apple. For example, in Tunisia these apples ripen in the middle of July.

It is considered that Antonovka especially well proves in various pastries, thanks to unusual aroma.

There are sixteen types of Antonovka. They differ in form and color, but at the same time have characteristic sourish taste and dense, even strong texture. The average weight of apple of grade "Ordinary Antonovka" makes from hundred twenty to hundred fifty grams, maximum — about three hundred. Apples of this grade round with the expressed edges. At removal fruits chartreuse, in storage time their color changes on warmer yellow. In midland Antonovka is usually removed from trees in the middle of September.

Antonovka can be distinguished on brownish ring around scape.

White filling — one more classical grade. There are several its versions. Among themselves they differ with the size of fruits and other not too significant signs. Apples of this grade are suitable for production of juice, jelly, jam. White filling — one of the earliest grades. Apples can begin to be removed from trees already in the second half of July. This grade is loved by gardeners for unpretentiousness, insensitivity to frosts and rains. In the most lean years of apple-tree of white filling bore quite impressive quantity of fruits. Fruits of white filling unlike Antonovka do not differ in the large sizes, their maximum weight — about two hundred grams. They are a little flattened down with well noticeable edges. Thin skin of these apples very thin, smooth, gentle whitish-yellow shade. Its surface is covered by small green and gray dots. White filling rather friable, fine-grained, very fragrant. The taste its sourish and sweet, is closer to the last. Unlike Antonovka this grade is practically not stored, its maximum — two or three weeks, after that apples begin to spoil very quickly. Because of various terms of maturing it is at one time quite difficult "to catch" these apples in, it is enough to remember that small sweetish apples with very light thin skin which can be found in sale in the middle of the summer is white filling, and large, chartreuse, very fragrant apples with characteristic sourness which are on sale in the middle of September, is Antonovka.

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