How to dive asters

How to dive asters

Asters – beautiful unpretentious flowers which blossom practically all summer on beds in any garden and kitchen garden. Treat to Astrov' family. In midland are grown up in the form of one-year culture in the seedling way for earlier blossoming and crops in soil for autumn blossoming.

It is required to you

  • - boxes;
  • - film;
  • - seeds;
  • - light soil;
  • - large-kerneled sand;
  • - strainer.


1. The asters planted by you will have the various forms and color. Depending on grade height of plants can be from 15 to 80 cm therefore choose flowers of the necessary grade. Observe agrotechnology of cultivation. At seedling way of landing always dive plants.

2. For early blossoming seed seeds in boxes or in the heated greenhouses. For later autumn blossoming you can sow seeds under the film shelter. Do the greenhouse where you are going to grow up asters all summer. In this case them it will be possible not to dive. Just in the subsequent they will need to be thinned out, having left the necessary distance, about 5-10 cm.

3. For cultivation of seedling prepare boxes with the easy soil. You can buy the soil in shop for gardeners and gardeners, intended for cultivation of seedling or for change of flowers. It has saturated structure and light structure, seeds will ascend quickly, seedling will be stronger.

4. Humidify the soil, make grooves on depth of 2 cm, seed asters by method of simple scattering. Powder with the earth if it has light structure or large-kerneled sand, accurately humidify through strainer, support in damp state before emergence of shoots. Put boxes to the warm place with temperature of 22 degrees.

5. In 7 days, shoots will appear. Reduce waterings that weak boring has not decayed, reduce temperature to 16 degrees.

6. In two and a half weeks when 2-3 present sheets appear, make seedling sword-play. Distance between plants make 3-5 cm. The it is more than a distance, the earlier in the subsequent asters will blossom.

7. Replace seedling in soil in well cultivated soil after minovaniye of threat of frost. Do not forget to introduce complex mineral fertilizer. On not fertilized earth the buds of flowers will be small.

8. Take care of the replaced flowers, delete weeds and water. Asters and special care do not demand very unpretentious plants.

9. If you make crops to the open ground, then to minovaniye of threat of frost keep asters under the film shelter. The sword-play does not need to be made, just make thinning of plants on distance of 5 cm.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team