How to dive seedling

How to dive seedling

Any seeded seedling it is necessary to dive. From that, how correctly and in time it will be made, the quality of the received seedling, and further - quantity of the reaped crop depends. It is necessary to dive in separate pots or in boxes.


1. Dive in phase of 2-3 real leaflets which grow after cotyledonous leaves.

2. One day before dive seedling it is abundant water.

3. Fill boxes or pots with prime quality land. It is necessary to fill on third that there was opportunity to fill up the earth in process of growth of plants. Humidify the soil in tanks for change.

4. Dig out plants hooking knife or spoon with earth lump.

5. Deepen plant in new capacity to cotyledonous leaves and accurately press the earth from all directions.

6. If you replace in boxes, but not in separate tanks, then do density of landing with that calculation that this species of plant had enough place for development and power supply. It is necessary to put seldom.

7. Well water Pikirovanny seedling and put to the light place. It is possible to expose in the sun after full survival of plants.

8. You make watering in process of drying of the soil.

9. Constantly air seedling and feed up mineral fertilizers.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team