How to divide the room into parts

How to divide the room into parts

Many rooms in apartments combine in themselves several functions. Often when planning it is necessary to separate spacious placements on several functional zones. There are several ways of differentiation of housing space.


1. Establish stationary partitions. It is good option for very large rooms which demand radical measures for zoning. Such partitions are thorough and unshakable, they perfectly replace walls if it is necessary. It is necessary to establish them from floor to ceiling in a straight line. As a rule, as material gypsum cardboard is used. Such partitions are not suitable for small rooms, they only take the excess place whereas it is possible to separate the room into zones by means of easier and practical receptions.

2. It is possible to replace stationary partitions sliding which are made on special projects by the room size. It is possible to move apart and combine them if necessary room space. This way is more preferable, than the first, but demands big financial expenses.

3. Use the different level of ceiling or floor. For example, by means of differences of room height it is possible to separate the room into the working area and the vacation spot. Over berth it is possible to make ceiling lower, and in zone of communication to lift it. The same convenient method are podiums which, besides, allow to correct room proportions. On them it is possible to put berth or to use them for storage of things.

4. Different floorings allow to separate space too. For this purpose it is possible to use various finishing materials, or just to lay carpets. In the same way coverings of walls work. It is also possible to use color as the design reception separating the room. It is necessary to experiment with it carefully not to create color gamma, tiresome for eyes.

5. Separate the room curtains or screens. It is rare reception of zoning, but it allows to issue very unusual and attractive interior. Fabric of curtain have on eaves that it was always possible to open space. Screen – the easy and mobile way very convenient for small apartments. It is possible to use paper, fabric, dense or transparent screens.

6. Apply furniture to zoning. Good means of division of space are racks and sliding wardrobes. Having put sofa in the middle of the room, you will be able to separate space for communication and reception of guests. High trees, climbers and other large window plants will successfully separate the room too.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team