How to do cutting of fruit-trees and bushes

Cutting of fruit-trees and bushes is carried out for stimulation of growth, development, fructification, extension of life, protection against diseases and wreckers. It is the integral element of care for garden. Cutting has to be executed in due time and technically correctly.

It is required to you

  • - secateurs;
  • - garden hacksaw.


1. Carry out cutting of fruit-trees and bushes in the early spring prior to the movement of juice in plants. During this period it is recommended to cut off apple-trees, pears, black and red currant. Till May it is necessary to carry out cutting of other fruit-trees (seeded, stone) and bushes.

2. Do cutting by one of the following ways: thinning or shortening. Delete with way of thinning the branches adjoining, crossed and close located to each other. Carry out cutting by method of the transfer to side branch or "on ring".

3. Cut or cut off branches at a small angle concerning the line passing parallel to the main branch. During removal of escape it is not necessary to do cut level with surface of trunk or the main branch. If edges of cuts have diameter more than 2 cm, smooth out them, process disinfecting and insulating means.

4. To create kroner of young trees, remove tops of the growing escapes with prishchipyvaniye. It leads to stop of growth of branches for 2-3 weeks. In the same way get rid of the competing and unnecessary escapes.

5. At scrap of bushes remove the broken and died off branches. At adult bush 15-20 branches do not have to be more senior than five-year age. Choose and leave from young gain of 5-6 well developed escapes. Remove the following branches: old, lying on the earth, drooped, crossing, growing in bush, damaged by wreckers and diseases. At gooseberry cut off old branches and also the ends of escapes with the weakened gain.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team