How to do floor in wooden house

How to do floor in wooden house

Floor in wooden houses leans, as a rule, on the beams from log or bar laid by edges in socle niches and which are propped up longwise by brick or concrete columns. It is possible to lay, certainly, instead of beams and concrete bed with the subsequent device of one of types of stone floors. However the last in log or bar-shaped house make impression of a little alien element. Floors from tree look here much more naturally and organically.

It is required to you

  • – wooden bar of 60х60 mm;
  • – eaves board;
  • – heater from mineral wool;
  • – waterproofing film;
  • – one of types of floor covering (parquet, laminate, floorboard, linoleum and so forth);
  • – construction fixture;
  • – carpenter's tool.


1. Choose type of floor covering which you are going to use. It can be parquet, floorboard, laminate, linoleum and so forth. It is also necessary to solve whether you will warm floor. Depending on the answer to this question the design of floor can significantly change.

2. The warmed floor will require the device of draft overlapping. For its support beat to the lower part of sides of supporting girders of rail 30-40 mm thick – so that passing through basic columns, they leaned on them.

3. Lay on the board rails from trees of coniferous breeds processed by anti-septic tank – so that they have formed continuous scaffold. Over draft floor lay polyethylene film or any other waterproofing material. Glue joints of film with construction adhesive tape.

4. Lay on waterproofing between plate beams from mineral wool. Provide dense adherence of edges of plates to supporting girders and each other. Thickness of plates has to be such that between their upper surface and floor covering there was gap in 30-40 mm, necessary for ventilation.

5. Over supporting girders – perpendicular to them – lay logs from bar of 60х60 mm. At first expose by means of level in one horizontal plane two extreme rows log, then pull between them cord and lay on it all intermediate bars. The distance between logs has to be equal to about 50 cm. When ensuring horizontal position use linings from boards or fibreboard, if necessary to podtesyvayta supporting girders.

6. Further work depends on type of floor covering. When using all types of floor, except floorboard, it is necessary to lay the basis on logs. If floor covering is the parquet, lay under it the additional logs perpendicular to already laid, in one plane with them. At the same time part additional log has to lean on supporting girders, for others it is necessary to establish additional support from the bars resting the ends against beams. Finally the design from log has to take the form of hundreds with sizes of cell about 50х50 cm.

7. Lay plywood 18 mm thick on logs, fixing its screws with step about 250 mm. Joints of sheets have to fall on surface log. The roughness of the basis on height should not be more than 2 mm by 2 meters of surface if this condition is not satisfied, roughness soshlifuyta abrasive wheel. Carry out laying of the parquet on plywood on that technology which is recommended for parquet of a specific type.

8. When using laminate or linoleum the device of the solid wooden base leaning on logs in the form of hundreds also is necessary. However requirements to it are less tough. The sizes of the cells formed by logs can be increased in one direction up to 80-100 cm, plywood 12 mm thick, admissible height of roughnesses – 2 mm by 1 m of length can be used.

9. Laying of floorboard does not require installation additional log. In effect, it can be stacked in general without log, directly on supporting beams, but only in case the distance between them does not exceed 1 m, and their surfaces are in one horizontal plane. Most often it turns out that it is much simpler to lay at first logs, and then – floorboard.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team