How to do lawn

How to do lawn

Country houses more often become the vacation spot, but not for the exhausting work on kitchen garden. And decoration of the sites attracts fresh-air fiends more and more. Beautiful lawn - one of the integral elements of landscaping.


1. Prepare allotment on which you are going to break lawn. Clean it from garbage, level soil. Enrich the soil by means of layer of organic material five-seven centimeters thick (for example, compost or the crushed bark). Loosen the earth to mix it with fertilizers. It is desirable to stamp the soil skating rink, but it is optional. Over time it will sink independently. Level the site with the help grabel.

2. Choose grass grade. It can be mix of seeds of meadow herbs, the sprouted seeds or the turf. The grass also happens cold and warm seasons - depends on it when it is necessary to sow it. Cold - fall or early spring, warm - the end of spring or the beginning of summer. Consult the seller in shop what grade it is better to take, and specify rules on care for it.

3. Think over the irrigation system. For cultivation of beautiful lawn with healthy grass it needs to be watered regularly. Therefore it is worth solving in advance where sprayers or water sprays and also pipes for irrigation on the site will be located.

4. Sow seeds, land sprouted or spread out the turf on the site. It is necessary to sow seeds cross strips along the site. After this process is ended, fill up seeds with thin layer of the earth. The rolled grass has to be laid out no more than in three days after cut. Before its acquisition attentively calculate the necessary quantity of rolls.

5. Do not forget to water lawn. The first two weeks care of future lawn has to be maximum. It needs to be protected as to length four centimeters the grass can die from circulation on it. Watering needs to be carried out twice a day - drying of the soil will also lead of herbs to death.

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