How to do make-up for big eyes

How to do make-up for big eyes

eyes and without make-up look naturally, attractively, fascinating. To hostesses of such advantage if desired to make up eyebrows, eyelashes and eyelids first of all it is necessary to consider specifics of the appearance. At negligent, aggressive, fantasy make-up big eyes can look too theatrically.

It is required to you

  • - shadows;
  • - liquid eyeliner;
  • - pencil;
  • - the mascara extending.


  1. Big eyes do not demand visual increase by means of cosmetics therefore it is enough to make by it graceful frame, and they will find highlight, depth. Use the thinnest and smooth lines, the liquid eyeliner or sharply ground soft pencil for this purpose will come to the rescue. Even stronger not to plough up eye, you put contour century not over the line of eyelashes, and from the inside of century.
  2. Dark shadows will allow to express depth of big eyes. If you do day make-up, give preference to quiet gray or beige tones. They will not increase eyelids, and will only favourably shade them. Apply paint in the center of mobile century and shade in both parties, only on half-centimeter overstepping the bounds of century. White shadows in combination with dark too round already open look of large eyes. However a little nevertheless it is possible to apply them on internal corners century.
  3. By means of cosmetics it is possible to correct visually section of eyes, to hide convex or to extend rounded shape. On large prominent eyes apply dark shadows on all mobile eyelid to fold. Cover the middle of the century with the most dark tone. Avoid milk and nacreous shades – they will only enhance effect of bulging eyes. It is better for roundish eyes to give the almond-shaped form - by means of pencil and shadows prolong the line of lower eyelid abroad of eyes towards temples.
  4. Defiantly and even large eyes with the eyelashes which are made up by volume ink roughly look. The extended eyelashes are permissible, but only with small amount of cosmetics in one layer. By the way, it is possible to apply ink only on upper eyelashes. Blondes and red with light eyelashes should give preference of brown ink which can make up also the lower ciliary row.
  5. Pay special attention to contour of eyebrows. It is impossible to narrow eyebrows - big eyes look harmoniously only under wide, but tidy eyebrows. The form can be any – from arch to straight line. Tint them in natural color, having added thereby density, and they will serve as excellent frame for fine make-up of large eyes.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team