How to do repair of walls

How to do repair of walls

Walls – very important part of the room, and the wrong finishing can spoil all impression of new repair. No painting or pasting of wall-paper will hide cracks, roughnesses and other defects of wall. It is necessary to do repair of walls thoroughly not to be sorry subsequently about in vain spent time and means.

It is required to you

  • - plaster;
  • - putty;
  • - gypsum cardboard and profiles for furring, self-tapping screws;
  • - capacity under solution;
  • - palette, rule, grater.


1. First of all clean walls from old materials. Quickly to unhang wall-paper, wet them it is abundant water and leave for some time, then the palette or scraper just remove the flaking surfaces. Remove paint or plaster by means of hatchet or the Bulgarian with cleanup circle. Clean off all greasy spots, wash away dust and dirt. At the same time be most careful with wiring as it is unknown where it is laid. It is desirable to disconnect the room from power supply in general.

2. Level wall in the "wet" way. Find differences of wall by means of plumb or electronic range finder. Designate by means of lighthouses (rails as equals distances) flatness of wall and pull between them several cords.

3. Part plaster or plaster blend according to recommendations on packing and begin to apply in turn on each site of wall. At the same time consider the maximum thickness of layer specified on packing; if it is less necessary, after drying of the first layer put one more.

4. After all wall is leveled, without waiting for full drying, carry out finish. For this purpose take grater from polyurethane, moisten wall with water and circular rub clean movements before formation of plain surface.

5. After full drying apply layer of primer on walls and again let's dry out. For filling of time of plaster part basic putty and apply it on walls. Consider that some basic putties cannot form the bases under coloring or wall-paper therefore one more layer – finishing putty will be necessary. To oshkurta also smooth out the dried-up surface by means of special grater.

6. Before coloring once again put primer layer, it will allow paint to hold coupling with putty layer strong.

7. It is possible to level walls in also "dry" way, by means of gypsum cardboard. For this purpose apply marking on walls for future framework. Draw on floor the line (5–6 cm from wall) by means of the tense cord or ruler. Then, measuring perpendicularity by plumb, transfer the line to ceiling. Fix profiles and make furring. At this stage it is also possible to carry out warming and sound insulation of wall, to lay all communications.

8. Attach sheets of gypsum cardboard by means of self-tapping screws and head zashpatlyuyta on surface.

9. Finish repair of walls by means of coloring, decorative plaster, paperhanging or tiles.

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