How to do roof

How to do roof

One of completion phases of construction of the house or dacha – construction of roof and flooring of roof. Conditionally all types of roofs divide into flat and cattle. Most often in individual construction of houses it is necessary to deal with roofs of cattle type. They with success are applied at construction of both inhabited, and farm buildings. Pitched roofs are more practical though it is slightly more difficult to cover them with roofing material.

It is required to you

  • - wooden bars;
  • - boards;
  • - roofing material;
  • - metal corners;
  • - metal brackets;
  • - other fastening elements (nails, self-tapping screws);
  • - set of carpenter's tools.


1. Get acquainted with the pitched roof device. As a rule, it includes inferior purlin, rafter system, ridge board and furring. Over all design the roofing material chosen by you fastens.

2. On perimeter of the put-up walls of the building lay inferior purlin – wooden bars to which rafters fasten. Usually bars connect among themselves metal corners or iron cramps.

3. Build rafter design. When mounting pitched roof of rafter very often release out of wall sawn-off shotgun limits, doing peculiar overhang of roof. It helps to protect building walls from the moisture which is rolling down from roof. Collect rafters directly on roof. As a result at you the complete system consisting of feet of a rafter, racks and inhalings has to turn out. Each separate roof frame fix to inferior purlin.

4. Connect separate rafter sections the top ridge board then start installation of furring. It is the simplest to collect furring from the boards gathered "in break off" or continuous image. From boards delete residues of bark, and then nail up them to outer surface of rafters. If you do furring continuous, happens it is necessary to podtesyvat boards that they adjoined to one another more densely.

5. Over furring lay roofing material. In modern individual construction the wide range of coverings is applied. It can be sheet iron, slate, normal tile or its analogs on the metallized basis. Each type of material when mounting has the features.

6. Attaching sheets of roofing material to roof design, use the special fixing self-tapping screws supplied with the rubberized laying. It will allow to avoid flowing under water covering.

7. Equipping roof, you remember that it should bear serious loading during snowfall or bad weather. All roof units have to be carefully adjusted to each other and reliably attached to furring in the way which is recommended by the manufacturer.

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