How to do sliding wardrobe

How to do sliding wardrobe

Sliding wardrobes have great popularity. It is quite explainable. The sliding wardrobe is great replacement to classical wall cupboard. It ideally looks in any interior. Put it in the bedroom, the hall, the living room and you will see how it is favourably possible to use the available space in the house.

It is required to you

  • drawing, boards, self-tapping screws, metal corners, wheels


1. Define the place where the sliding wardrobe will be located. Prepare drawings. Also the laminated boards from chipboard, metal corners and self-tapping screws will be necessary for you. In our case, it is three boards - 1500Х600, two - 2000Х600, one - 1350Х600, three - 325Х600, one - 1500Х300, three - 300Х400.

2. Put board (1500Х600) on floor. Fix to it and to wall two side boards. It is necessary to fix by means of dowel and corners.

3. Make design of six boards. Fasten with corners and self-tapping screws two horizontal boards (1500Х600), one vertical (1350Х600) and three vertical as shelves (325Х600). Put design into place and fix to floor and wall. Fix the top regiments.

4. If the sliding wardrobe is located in aperture, from below and on each side aperture fix narrow boards. Thus, the aperture will look it more attractive. By means of self-tapping screws fix the lower guide from top. At the same time do not forget to use level, otherwise the curvature of doors will not manage to be avoided.

5. Deliver to door, putting on them from above guide. When ready design you have on the place, you watch door wheels. They have to get on the lower guide.

6. In sliding wardrobe one section under regiments has to be provided at least. There bags, umbrellas, gloves and so forth will find the place. Two offices under clothes and one under regiments are the minimum equipment of cabinets of this type. As for doors, their quantity should not exceed number of sections. Besides, it is desirable to make one of doors mirror.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team