How to draw 'arrows' in the eyes with the hanging century

How to draw 'arrows' in the eyes with the hanging century

make-up can correct some face defects. For example, correctly put eyeliner it is simple to raise visually hanging eyelids, having made look more open. Choose suitable cosmetics and master some features of its drawing.

We choose cosmetics for hung century

The lowered eyelid needs resistant cosmetics which will quickly be recorded and will not be smeared. It is better to refuse habitual soft pencil. Buy gel or cream eyeliner and also flat synthetic brush with slanted edge. Powdery shadows of basic shade and also the fixing base will be necessary for you for cosmetics.

Choosing color of eyeliner, be guided by shade of eyes. Brown eyes will suit green or violet scale, the blueness of iris will be emphasized by chocolate eyeliner, and gray will be very beautiful in frame of black arrows. Means with light damp gloss is preferable. The opaque eyeliner does look glassy, and make-up - too pale.

We use eye shadow and we adjust eyelids

The ordinary equipment of drawing of arrows is not suitable century for lowered - thin lines will disappear under the hung skin. Your task is to make moderately wide and not too long arrows which will visually extend eyes and will raise external corners. Apply the fixing base on eyelids and hammer it with finger-tips. Very well also day cream with effect of lifting works. It slightly tightens and condenses skin, cosmetics lays down more exactly and keeps longer. Apply thin film of shadows of basic color: beige, cream, pinkish or silver-gray. Impose shadows on all mobile eyelid, shading them towards eyebrow. Start drawing of arrows. Dip brush in eyeliner and conduct it from external corner of eye to the middle of upper eyelid. Slightly raise arrow corner to temple and you keep as it is possible closer to the line of growth of eyelashes. Then designate fold of century, having drawn on it line from arrow tip to external corner of eye. Gather still eyeliners and paint over the turned-out corner. That the arrow has turned out softer, slightly shade lines the thin latex applicator or flat brush. Estimate effect in mirror. The shooter can extend or make it wider. If lines have turned out too pale, put one more layer of eyeliner. You watch that arrows on both eyes have turned out symmetric. If desired prolong arrow up to internal corner of eye. In this part of century the line has to be very thin. Its task is to create visibility of more dense eyelashes and to make make-up complete. You should not make up lower eyelid, it will visually reduce eyes. Make up eyelashes the tightening-up ink. That eyes seemed more, put additional portion of ink at external corners. If eyelashes too direct, twist them nippers. This reception will help to open and increase visually eyes, removing effect of the hung century.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team