How to draw the plan of the room

How to draw the plan of the room

To make the scheme of evacuation or the project of repair at the fire, it is necessary to draw the plan of the room at first. For this purpose you can use special programs or make it manually.

It is required to you

  • - tape measure or laser range finder;
  • - sheet of paper, Whatman paper, scaled paper;
  • - pencil, handle;
  • - eraser;
  • - ruler;
  • - compasses;
  • - square.


1. First of all take the normal sheet of paper and draw the crude plan. Schematically specify all rooms, utility rooms and corridors between them. If you need floor plan, for each floor take single sheet of paper.

2. With tape measure or laser range finder bypass all rooms and measure all distances: length and width of rooms, sizes of niches and ledges, arrangement of windows and doors. Besides, if it is necessary, note height of ceilings, types of finishing, orientation of windows, architectural parts, thickness of walls, etc. Note each measured distance on the draft plan.

3. If indoors not all right angles, and there are sharp or obtuse angles and also round designs, arrive as follows: break difficult design into slightly simple. For example, if it is necessary to make the drawing of the room with semicircular bay window, separate it into rectangle and semicircle, then measure the maximum distance between points of circle (diameter). Having separated it into two, you receive radius. On the drawing find the middle of the imagined circle and by means of compasses circle edge.

4. Take leaf of Whatman paper or scaled paper and begin to draw the plan of the room in the finished look. Use for this purpose simple pencil, erase unsuccessful lines eraser. Note scale, the most convenient at the same time – 1:50, it is in that case simpler to recalculate distances.

5. Begin with the most extreme angular room behind which there are already definitely no objects. Draw it in the form of rectangle and, making a start from it, draw contours of all rooms and corridors. You watch closely observance of proportions and right angles.

6. Note on the plan all windows, doors (with the instruction of the party of opening), niches, ledges, balconies, stair flights, etc. Shade contour of walls, leaving windows and doors not shaded.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team