How to drill artesian well

How to drill artesian well

Do you wish to build own house? If the center water supply system is absent, it is the best of all to drill artesian well. It guarantees that you will always have water of excellent quality.

It is required to you

  • package of documents, funds for payment, firm contractor


1. Before making drilling of the well, it is necessary to find firm contractor. Learn whether it has license for conducting drilling operations. After the well is drilled, you will become the user of the state subsoil. Each artesian well is registered in several organizations. You need to prepare all documents.

2. So, you have found firm. Write the work request. The contractor will sound the approximate cost of drilling. The firm will be engaged in development of the project of the well. Not to do without this stage. The thing is that drilling of artesian well is carried out taking into account many factors.

3. The firm finds out at what depth layers with deep-well water lie. The well has to come to stable layers that guarantees year-round receiving quality potable water. As a rule, it is necessary to drill the well on depth more than one hundred meters.

4. The company finds out whether it is not present number of old cattle mortuaries, cemeteries or places of burials of toxic agents. It becomes before works. Local authorities issue the situational plan on which power lines and roads are noted.

5. Around each artesian well the sanitary zone will be organized. The place of drilling is chosen so that around it was possible to put up small fence.

6. Designers make calculations of daily water consumption. Having studied geological and hydrological documentation, they will make geological section on well depth. Only after that designers start development of design. After the project is ready, the contractor will report the exact cost of works.

7. The contractor addresses to geological service, the project is approved and granted permission for drilling of the well. The customer pays the bill, drillers begin work. At first drilling of the top sandy horizons is carried out, drillers lower column and make limestone drilling until there is opening of water-bearing layer.

8. To the well lower operational column. Between filter and upsetting columns fill the calibrated quartz gravel and special clay which turns into impenetrable weight later. The well is pumped over.

9. The pump, filters is installed. After performance of all works on the site there is casing pipe. Workers do hitch and concrete its bottom. Installation of two reinforced concrete rings is made, they are covered well.

10. SES has to confirm water quality. If everything is all right, on the well the passport is formed. The well is registered in SES and in geological service.

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