How to drill ceramics

How to drill ceramics

Did you need to drill ceramics? It is necessary to treat this question seriously as the ceramics is fragile and at the same time strong material, the tile becomes covered with glaze and to drill just like that in it the opening will not turn out. It can burst or the opening will turn out with chips.

It is required to you

  • - tap (in case of its absence metal drill and iron ruler with hole);
  • - drills on concrete with pobeditovy sealing;
  • - marker or felt-tip pen;
  • - electric drill with smooth descent.


1. Put ceramic tile on the basis so that it adjoined to it all the plane. If the tile sags or lie irregularly, then it can burst from loading when drilling. You drill only from the glossy party as when developing opening from tile rear side you risk to receive on face side of product opening with the chopped-off, uneven edges.

2. Put marker or felt-tip pen point on the center of future opening.

3. If you have tap, then you can make tag with its help, having drilled the top enameled tile layer manually. If you have no tap near at hand, then apply iron ruler to tile surface opening on the point marked with marker. It is necessary for preliminary fixing of drill in working area as it will slide on glossy surface of ceramics, and it can not turn out to drill opening most precisely.

4. Take metal drill and drill top layer of enamel manually, holding ruler.

5. After you have marked the center of future opening, start direct drilling. Fix drill of the smallest diameter in the boss of drill and on small turns drill opening in tile. Do not use drill in the Perforator mode, do not press strongly on it that the tile has not burst.

6. Now change drill for bigger on diameter and on big turns expand opening.

7. Thus, gradually replacing drills are more increasing on diameter, expand opening in ceramic tile to the required parameters. Step for increase in diameter of drill choose as multiple 3, but no more than 5 mm.

8. In cases when drilling takes place insufficiently effectively, apply water, giving it to the developed area.

9. If you had to drill not tile, and, for example, opening in sink or bidet, then begin drilling on big turns when the drill does not come off on smooth surface of product any more.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team